The proven jointing compound system – the ultimate solution for expansion joints and for connecting structures

The Ulbrichfuge® is a jointing compound system made of synthetic liquid material which stays permanently elastic and does not require a metallised screed. Joints very often have week areas, especially in concrete floors and standard floors which must be sterile and free of fungal growth. However, joints are an essential factor in building construction. Joints must be spaced at regular precisely measured separations and must be able to take up any horizontal dimension changes or vertical movement. A good example is construction site transitions which are driven over by heavy goods vehicles and trucks.

The Ulbrichfuge® jointing compound system has many technical advantages when compared to other construction and expansion joints for concrete and screed. It enables a smooth surface and offers characteristics which combine high abrasion resistance, resistance to abrasion when wet and other essential factors: temperature, and chemical resistance, sterile and free of fungal growth it has even more to offer. It is temperature and chemical resistant, fungi and germ free, and it has many more advantages to offer.

  • High wear resistance to abrasion
  • Excellent adhesion to adjacent concrete slabs and screed
    (when using appropriate bonding agent and then professionally applied)
  • For a higher degree of resistance – extremely resistant against further cracking
  • Ideal for crack filling
  • Highly impervious to liquid penetration due to its impermeability to water
  • Airtight joint structure
  • Soundproofing for excellent noise control
  • Highly thermal resistance weather proofing
  • Highly chemical resistant formulation
  • Excellent resistance to microorganisms
  • Adapts to dimensional changes due to horizontal or vertical structural movement
  • Sterile and free of fungal growth
  • Withstands heavy loading while simultaneously accommodating for movement
  • Absolutely level transition
  • High functionality with low maintenance


The installation of Ulbrichfuge jointing compound offers clear advantages in comparison with other jointing systems.

Use and purpose of concrete or screed flooring must be considered when determining the size of joints. This is easily achieved with the Ulbrichfuge jointing compound system. Its composition allows precise joint sizing, a remarkable advantage compared with other jointing systems.

The Ulbrichfuge® jointing compound system is a patented (EU Patent Nr. 2098651, US Patent Nr. 10,577,806 and CA Patent Nr. 2966467) floor jointing system. It is an outstanding technical development in expansion joints for concrete and screed flooring. It can be constructed in all flooring including surfaces which have strict hygiene requirements and must be kept sterile.


The optimum ductile properties of the Ulbrichfuge jointing compound system are its main advantage when compared with other standard metalized screeds. Because it is able to take up any horizontal dimension changes or vertical movement, it withstands heavy loading.

With Ulbrichfuge® you can achieve an absolutely level transition. It enables a smooth, seamless free surface on concrete slabs or screed, therefore it can be constructed in many kinds of structures and offers a wide range of application.

Ulbrichfuge® is a patented jointing compound system for connecting structures and constructing expansion joints. A proven economical system with high functionality and low maintenance.

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The following chart shows the technical advantages of the Ulbrichfuge® synthetic liquid compound compared to standard joints and jointing profiles.
RequirementsStandard concrete jointsJoint ProfilesUlbrichfuge®
Deformation Horizontal < 1 mm
Rd. 20% of the joint width
< 20 mm
normally no compensation
< 30 mm
Deformation Vertical Compensation not possible Special profile possible < 7 mm
Edge protection No edge protection Dependant on profile Complete




Specialised functionStandard JointJoint ProfilesUlbrichfuge®
Air cushion vehicles Limited Not possible Very well suited
Sealing Limited to vehicle with pneumatic tyres Special profile Very well suited
Retro-installation Possible Complicated transition required Very well suited
Refurbishment of existing joints Barely possible Complicated transition required Very well suited
Food area Not suitable cleaning danger of germs and fungal growth Very well suited